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National Lottery Reward Scheme

Terms and Conditions for Independent Retailers

These Terms and Conditions apply to National Lottery Essentials (the “Essentials Scheme”), which is run by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited (“Camelot”).

  1. Camelot reserves the right to vary, withdraw or suspend the Essentials Scheme at any time by giving reasonable notice.
  2. The Essentials Scheme is open to all independent retailers (“Retailers”) subject to the exclusions in paragraph 4 below. All stores which are the subject of a valid Retailer Agreement between an eligible Retailer and Camelot will be entered into the Essentials Scheme automatically unless the Retailer has communicated to Camelot that they do not wish their store to participate. A Retailer that has opted out should promptly notify Camelot if they decide at a later date that they would like their store to be entered into the Essentials Scheme. For the avoidance of doubt, where a Retailer has more than one Retailer Agreement in force with Camelot (one for each store), that Retailer will be entitled to earn rewards under the Essentials Scheme for each store.
  3. Under the Essentials Scheme, Retailers have the opportunity to earn rewards in line with these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Your store (or, where you have more than one store, that store) will not be eligible to participate in the Essentials Scheme if it has a Post Office which forms part of the store and through which the National Lottery is administered, is on the Sales Improvement Programme, or if the terminal in that store has been suppressed for any reason.
  5. Whilst the Essentials Scheme is in force, your Camelot Sales Executive will endeavour to visit your store(s) at least once every 13 weeks (a “Call Cycle Period” – there are four Call Cycle Periods in a year). However, visits are made entirely at Camelot’s discretion and Camelot cannot guarantee that your Camelot Sales Executive will visit during every Call Cycle Period. Camelot will use best endeavours to arrange for a phone call to be made by an Operational Sales Executive where a visit is not possible.
  6. During the first visit a Camelot Sales Executive may make to your store(s) in any Call Cycle Period, or the first phone call made by an Operational Sales Executive to your store in any Call Cycle Period (the “Eligible Visit”), you will have the opportunity to earn a reward for that Call Cycle Period in accordance with paragraphs 7 and 8 below.
  7. During each Eligible Visit, your store will be assessed against the National Lottery Essentials criteria most recently provided to you and applicable at the time of the Eligible Visit. Where the assessment is being made in store, and not by phone, your store(s) will be assessed when your Camelot Sales Executive first enters your store(s) and not at the end of the visit. The Camelot Sales Executive’s (or Operational Sales Executive) decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Retailers should be aware that Camelot cannot make any allowances to a store’s assessment on the basis that they have not received any relevant point of sale materials or Lottery equipment.
  8. To be eligible for a £10 reward your store must meet all the criteria of National Lottery Essentials when assessed during an Eligible Visit. Rewards will be awarded in line with paragraph 10.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, Retailers are not expected to perform any additional obligations to those set out in their Retailer Agreement with Camelot. The Essentials Scheme is based on the services and service levels that Retailers are already required to satisfy in order to (i) act as intermediaries for Camelot in the sale of Lottery tickets and Scratchcards; and (ii) earn their sales commission.
  10. If your store is eligible for a reward, rewards will be received in the form of a prepaid Mastercard for your store (“Reward Card”) – rewards will be automatically added to your virtual account linked to that Reward Card on the retailer website ( (the “Website”)). You will need to activate your Reward Card and transfer your virtual reward(s) to your Reward Card (via your account on the Website), before using it. Details of how to activate your Reward Card, where it can be used, and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Website. Retailers will need to login using their retailer number (for that store) and chosen password before accessing all areas of the Essentials Scheme section on the Website.
  11. IMPORTANT: If you have already received a prepaid Mastercard as a result of taking part in the Rewards+ Scheme, your rewards will be added to your existing virtual rewards account online in line with paragraph 15.
  12. Activation and use of the Reward Card is also subject to the MasterCard Terms and Conditions which can be found on the Website.
  13. If you are eligible for an Essentials Scheme reward, you should receive your Reward Card within 28 days of the Eligible Visit.
  14. Reward Cards will be issued in the name of the person (or, where applicable, the company) named on the Retailer Agreement in force with Camelot in relation to that store at the time the reward is earned. A Retailer that has more than one Retailer Agreement in force with Camelot will, if eligible for a reward, be entitled to one Reward Card (and will have one linked virtual account) per store.
  15. Any subsequent rewards earned will be automatically uploaded to the relevant virtual rewards account online, usually within 20 days of the Eligible Visit. You will need to transfer these rewards to the Reward Card linked to that account before they can be used. It is important, therefore, that you do not destroy or dispose of the Reward Card once any reward has been used. If you lose your Reward Card (or require a new Reward Card for any reason), you will be liable to pay a charge. Details of the charges can be found in the MasterCard Terms and Conditions viewable on the Website.
  16. Any virtual rewards in a Retailer’s account which have not been transferred to the relevant Reward Card within two years of receipt will be forfeited by the Retailer and Retailers will not be entitled to, or able to use, those virtual rewards in their account after the two years have expired.
  17. All Reward Cards also have an expiry date which will be stated on the Reward Card itself and will be approximately two years from the date of issue. Once a Retailer’s Reward Card has expired, a new Reward Card will be provided to the Retailer PROVIDED THAT that they remain eligible to participate in the Essentials Scheme.
  18. For the avoidance of doubt, new and replacement Reward Cards will not be sent to Retailers that are no longer eligible to participate in the Essential Scheme (including, for example, if they have sold their outlet and are, therefore, no longer have an active Retailer number) or those that have had their terminal removed or supressed for any reason.
  19. Rewards will constitute income for Retailers and accordingly, it is the Retailer’s responsibility to account for any taxes on the reward(s) earned.
  20. Reward Cards will be delivered (and subsequent rewards uploaded to the Website) by a third party supplier. The time frames stated in paragraphs 13 and 15 above cannot, therefore, be guaranteed by Camelot, and Camelot will not be responsible for Reward Cards that are lost, delayed or damaged in the post or for any delay or failure to upload the correct reward amount. If you do not receive your Reward Card in the time expected, or there is a problem with the Reward Card or the amount uploaded, please contact us at
  21. Camelot will not be liable for any act or omission outside of its reasonable control in relation to the Essentials Scheme or the Reward Cards.
  22. Camelot reserves the right to suspend or cancel payment of any reward or deduct rewards from a Retailer’s virtual account or the Rewards Card at any time, during or after the claim verification process, in the event of a miscalculation of a reward, a duplicate claim being made for a reward, disqualified submissions or as a result of any other act or omission that results in the incorrect payment of a reward. Camelot will not be liable to the Retailer in relation to such incorrect payment.
  23. Retailers may be required to provide personal details when logging in to the Website and for the purposes of the Essentials Scheme. Such details will be used in accordance with Camelot’s Privacy Policy which can be found on the Website.
  24. You agree that Camelot may feature you and/or your store(s) in publicity in connection with the Essentials Scheme. Such publicity may include (without limitation) photo shoots and features for use in newspapers, magazines, the Website and Camelot’s internal and external websites. If you do not wish to feature in such publicity you should notify your Camelot Sales Executive as soon as possible.
  25. Camelot reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time by giving notice on the Website.

Further information about National Lottery Essentials and the Essentials Scheme can be found at